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State-of-art condenser enhances lyophilization results

Condenser, in conjunction with its high throughput evaporator, provides enhanced evaporation and lyophilization results. Drying HPLC purification fractions, principally comprising water and acetonitrile, is a routine yet essential task in many pharmaceutical laboratories. The requirement is to dry the samples to a powder form, such that samples can be accurately weighed, easily sub-sampled and redissolved. To provide a rapid, high-throughput alternative to freeze drying of such samples, the manufacturer developed a fast lyophilization methodology for use on the evaporator. While the methodology has traditionally worked well for hydrophilic samples, difficulties may arise where the sample cannot dissolve in only water. In such situations, when the organic solvent is removed, the sample crashes out, forming an oil which until now required further processing to achieve the desired dry powder form.


The condenser chills to -75ºC, which the manufacturer says improves results with its fast lyophilization process for HPLC fractions. Customer trials have shown that the combination produces powdered lyophilization samples using the methodology from even the most difficult-to-handle samples with a success rate as high as 95%.




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