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Speed and precision increased in particle analyzers

Particle analyzers measure the size and zeta potential of nanoparticles with high speed and high precision. Instruments in the DelsaMax family use two independent detection systems that operate in parallel – a configuration that significantly streamlines workflows in biological, chemical, material and polymer science applications. The DelsaMax PRO light scattering and zeta potential analyzer provides precise measurement of the size, structure and charge of particles 0.4 to 10,000 nm in diameter in as little as one second. DelsaMax CORE analyzers use independent dynamic and true static light-scattering detectors to measure the size and molecular weight of particles from 0.4 to 10,000 nm, at low sample volumes. The DelsaMax ASSIST cell pressurization system forces inert gas into the flow cell of the PRO to reduce bubbling, stabilize the sample and simplify injections. Beckman Coulter

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