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Software for proteomics integrates four complementary algorithms

Nearly every proteomics mass spectrometry experiment produces a large amount of high-quality spectra not matched by any database peptides due to unexpected PTMs, mutations, contaminants, and novel peptides. Peaks 6 software integrates four complementary algorithms for de novo sequencing, database search, PTMs, and mutations, respectively. All identified peptides are aligned in an interactive protein coverage view that highlights the PTMs and mutations on each amino acid. Along with the newly supported multiple enzyme project, users can now routinely achieve full sequence coverage of the studied proteins. Starting from the raw mass spectrometry data to the final result validation, visualization, and reporting, the software is easy to use. The default analysis workflow and built-in result validation allows even beginner users to easily analyze the data and produce high-quality results. To test this software you can download it and register for a free trial.

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc

Peaks 6

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