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Sintered porous plastic encourages in-vitro cell culture growth

Manufacturer says the open pore structure of its sintered porous plastic materials offers optimum conditions for encouraging in-vitro cell culture and has been found to offer significant advantages over established Petri dish methods as well as the ceramic substrates (TCP) traditionally used.

The efficient transfer of oxygen is essential for cell culture. The uniform porosity and pore size of the materials produces the consistent and uniform bubble sizes and patterns required to achieve superb oxygen transfer. Products can be made in tubes or flat sheet for OEM customers. The materials are manufactured under cGMP conditions enabling achievement of the highest cleanliness standards demanded by these applications and have USP Class 6 regulatory approval.

Results are presented at website below for applications using the plastic’s scaffolds to accelerate oesteoblast (bone cell) proliferation and provide efficient and accurate differentiation of adult and embryonic stem cells.

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