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Simple benchtop scanning electron microscope

As simple to use as a digital camera, the NeoScope benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM), can be used for inspection of electronic parts, forensics analysis, pharmaceutical inspection, and imaging insects for student projects. It can also be used in conjunction with both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs in the laboratory. Producing images with a large depth of field at magnifications ranging from 10X – 60,000X it features both high and low vacuum operation, three selectable accelerating voltages, and secondary electron and backscattered electron imaging. It accommodates samples up to 70mm in diameter and 50mm in thickness. Both conductive and non-conductive samples can be examined and optional EDS is available for elemental analysis. It has a touch screen interface with the familiar look and feel of today’s smart phones and touch pads. Automatic functions as well as pre-stored recipe files make it easy to use for a multitude of sample types.



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