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Safety enclosure provides controlled environment

A versatile piece of containment equipment, the Lab-Bubble can be used to provide many different types of safety or controlled environments simply by using additional components to change the function of the enclosure. The enclosure is designed and tested in various configurations for applications including handling of chemicals and powders, weighing, biological sample handling and PCR preparation. The environment can be controlled for humidity (20-55% RH) using a dry nitrogen glove box and temperature (15-30°C). The unit’s air extraction is provided via a small box section fan filtration system that incorporates a safe change HEPA / carbon combination filter.

Affordably priced, it can be used as a simple storage unit and also as a demonstration/ teaching unit. The construction of the main body is from 6mm clear moulded cast acrylic that ensures excellent visibility and is easily cleaned.  The base section is durably constructed from chemically resistant, 10mm thick high density polyethylene. (HDP). Asynt



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