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Research-grade FT-IR spectrometer has one-touch operation

The Nicolet iS50 Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) research-grade spectrometer features purpose-built accessories and integrated analytical software capabilities to provide an all-in-one materials analysis platform that helps laboratories solve analytical challenges with ease. The highly flexible system can be upgraded from a simple FT-IR bench to a fully automated multi-spectral range system that can acquire spectra from the far- to the near-infrared. Users can initiate novel ATR, Raman and NIR modules at the touch of a button, enabling access to these techniques without manually changing system components.


The instrument is suitable for academic laboratories. The ease of access to multiple techniques, combined with software designed to take the guesswork out of interpretation, dramatically improves efficiency in analytical laboratories focused on understanding the composition of complex materials.


Thermo Fisher Scientific



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