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Remote-controlled peristaltic pump is accurate, reproducible

Peristaltic pump consists of a control unit, tethered pump head, cartridge/cassette and some sample tubing. The pump can deliver solutions over a range of flow rates from 0.001 to 1,500 ml/min depending on the pump head used. The pump will automatically rotate at the proper RPM for the tube selection and flow rate chosen. To further increase the accuracy, a rapid calibration routine is available to further optimize flow accuracy by entering a measured volume of fluid collected. The remote-controlled design and sealed pump head make it suitable for use in incubators and fume hoods. Interchangeable pump heads allow for economical ease of use over a broad flow rate range.  Easy to use with pre-programmed profiles for constant flow, flow ramps, pulsatile flow, and concentration based fluid delivery. A library of tubing sizes can be stored in the pump’s memory minimizes setup time.


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