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Radiometers/photometers have interchangeable sensors

Digital radiometers/photometers provide accurate readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance and luminance light readings. The readout units are specially calibrated for use with a full line of interchangeable sensor detectors. When equipped with a sensor detector, the readout unit can satisfy many laboratory or life science applications, including fluorescent inspection and UV dosing. Single-wavelength sensor detectors are available in both standard range and extended range. The standard range provides UV readings from microwatts to milliwatts and the extended range provides measurements from millwatts to watts. All sensors are suitable for checking the intensities of fluorescent UV tubes and HID UV bulbs.

The meters are microprocessor-controlled with software-driven functions. The readout unit has user-customized settings to work with a wide variety of interchangeable sensor detectors. All detectors can be connected directly to the readout unit or by a standard USB cable.


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