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Pump with adjustable volumes accurately dispenses liquids

The KNF FMM80 solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump is designed to dispense liquids accurately in adjustable volumes between 30 µl/stroke and 80 µl/stroke. The pump can be driven with single impulses to deliver discrete micro-volumes or can be operated with a pulsed signal at a frequency up to 10Hz to provide continuous flow rates up to 48 ml/min. Typical applications include medical devices and diagnostic equipment, industrial dosing systems, inkjet printers, water treatment systems, and fuel cells, among others.


Service life is more than 500 million strokes, and the pump integrates a patented noise-suppression system for quiet-running operation. It remains flow-tight in both directions with pressures of 14.5 PSIG at rest, exhibits stability against varying pressure, and sustains high repeatability over the pump’s entire lifetime.


KNF Neuberger



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