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Precision video extensometer is for universal testing machines

Video extensometer is designed for use with the manufacturer’s universal testing machines. Offering precision, high-accuracy measurements, the extensometer is applicable for testing a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, rubbers and films. It is available in single- and double-camera models with seven different models based on the camera’s field of view. The single-camera model has camera field of views ranging from 55 mm to 800 mm. The double-camera model comes with 120 mm and 500 mm cameras or 120 mm and 800 mm cameras. When using a double-camera model, the system can switch automatically between both cameras. With easy to use software, users simply select testing conditions to automatically set the measurement mode. The software synchronizes to the beginning and end of testing, and makes it possible to measure the actual gauge length when testing starts.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


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