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Portable sphere-based flux and colour measurements

Incorporating a spectrometer calibrated for absolute spectral flux the illumia lite employs an integrating sphere in its design. This delivers more complete spectral flux measurement capability than simple illuminance meters using near cosine receivers. The ergonomic handheld instrument measures both luminous flux and colour of a device under test, including LEDs and other sources up to 1 cm in diameter. A built-in auxiliary lamp provides self-absorption correction for highly accurate results.

It has a luminous flux range of 0.1 lumens to 5000 lumens, with a wavelength resolution of <5nm and accuracy of <0.5nm. Data is retrieved via USB connection to any laptop or PC and analyzed with Labsphere’s MtrX-Spec software which calculates all industry standard colour parameters such as x, y, CCT, CRI, and lumens, as well as spectral irradiance.

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illumia lite

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