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Pipette tips provide access to samples in deep and narrow labware

Conductive pipette tips complement the manufacturer’s existing non-conductive tip line. Both conductive and non-conductive tips provide access into deep and narrow labware such as Microfuge tubes, 1.4 mL storage tubes and deep-well plates. The tips feature a fine point that facilitates efficient transfer of the small sample volumes characteristic of assay miniaturization and are offered for use on the company’s Biomek laboratory automation workstations. The new tips take advantage of the liquid-level sensing technology in the workstations and are suitable for applications in which volumes are not always known or specified. The feature is especially useful when pipetting from tubes containing saliva or blood samples from a variety of sources. It allows pipetting from the top of the liquid rather than the bottom of the tube or plate, which reduces the tip’s exterior wetted surface, thereby minimizing cross-contamination and conserving valuable samples.

Beckman Coulter

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