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Parallel sample preparation system for HPLC vials

A new version of the MiniVap Blowdown Evaporator can quickly and safely remove solvent from up to 48 vials in parallel. Made from solvent resistant black polypropylene, the new vial holder has been designed to accommodate up to 48 vials* in a standard SLAS/ANSI format.


Incorporating advanced evaporator head technology which directly injects heated nitrogen into 48 HPLC vials simultaneously, the instrument removes the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from vials. It takes just minutes to remove volatile organic solvents from samples collected in 24- or 96-well microplates, and now HPLC vials.


Compact in design the affordably priced, the evaporator is simple to install, operate and maintain. Installation just requires connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket. Safety of operation is ensured as the CE-marked compact unit fits into all fume cupboards.


* The vial holder is designed to take standard HPLC vials from Chromacol, Agilent, Thermo and others.


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