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Optical encoder for Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) environments

Constructed from clean vacuum-compatible materials and adhesives to give low outgassing rates and proven clean residual gas analysis (RGA), the Resolute UHV offers true-absolute position feedback, sub-micron accuracy and resolutions to 1 nm for both linear and rotary applications. They are suitable for high performance, semiconductor and scientific applications requiring vacuum compatibility to 10-10 Torr. Available for both linear and rotary position feedback, each installation is compact with wide set-up tolerances for quick, easy fitment and long-term operation. All scale formats are coating-free and can be subjected to specialist cleaning and degreasing, if required. They determine position immediately upon switch-on, without the need for any movement or battery backup. Available with a wide range of serial protocols, including BiSS, FANUC, Mitsubishi and Panasonic, these units are compatible with industry standard controllers.



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