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New spectrometer offers simplified, fast analysis

The DART® Ion Mobility Spectrometer is designed for simplified, fast analysis of solids or liquids to easily detect contaminants or qualify material. It can be used in homeland security, pharmaceutical or laboratory applications. The instrument provides sample analysis in a two stage IMS configuration. High resolving power (64-150) is achieved using the manufacturer’s patented Resistive Glass technology which is currently used in other IMS applications, and a new photo-etched ion gate that provides the rapid pulsing necessary to produce spectra with high resolving power. The sample inlet utilizes IonSense’s patented Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®) technology to ionize solid, liquid and gas phase analytes with no special sample preparation. Suitable for applications where simplicity, accuracy and speed are required, such as product or food safety, composition analysis and environmental control.  PHOTONIS


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