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Near-infrared spectroscopy for critical applications

A strategic alliance formed between Metrohm and FOSS brings the newly created Metrohm NIRSystems into the global Metrohm family. This division expands Metrohm’s traditional focus on wet chemistry applications to include near-infrared (NIR) analyzers for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and related industries. NIR solutions help shorten cycle times, allow faster product delivery and increase plant capacity while complying with strict regulatory guidelines.

Metrohm NIRSystems offers laboratory, at-line, and process solutions for many critical applications, including raw material inspection; inspection of solids, powders, and liquids; content uniformity of solid dosage forms; blending, mixing, granulation, and drying processes; reaction monitoring; and endpoint determination.

NIR analyzers can be used throughout the manufacturing processes – from raw material inspection and in-process testing to final product release. The patented design of the NIRS XDS offers high sensitivity and precise instrument matching for enhanced method development, minimized implementation time, and seamless method transferability. NIRS XDS analyzers feature hot swappable sample modules for ease-of-use and sampling flexibility that make them compatible for both laboratory and plant environments. Metrohm NIRSystems

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