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Natural product sample preparation web page

Genevac has announced a new web page ( that brings together the latest technological innovations, applications advances and references for evaporation and sample concentration techniques relating to natural products research.

Genevac evaporator systems are also widely used by researchers seeking to extract functional molecules from natural sources. Typically investigations involve a primary solvent extraction of natural products that result in a large volume of crude extract. The crude extract is then often concentrated before being fractionated to isolate each component. The time consuming concentration task has been revolutionised by the unique large volume parallel processing capabilities of the ROCKET evaporator. The process of natural product fractionation typically produces many samples from a single extract. These samples need then to be evaporated before storage or analysis. Examples of high throughput evaporation and lyophilisation techniques using Genevac HT Series evaporators for this purpose are detailed.

Web links are provided to a bibliography of scientific publications in peer review journals that offer further insight into how modern evaporative sample preparation methods are enabling laboratories accelerate and improve the process of obtaining new compounds from a range of natural product sources.

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