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Modular flow reactor system provides greater flexibility

New modular flow system is designed to provide users with greater flexibility and broader synthesis capabilities.

 The manufacturer developed its original two-channel flow reactor system as a fully integrated solution to make the emerging technology of continuous flow chemistry easily accessible. As users and applications have become more sophisticated, more powerful systems have been developed, culminating in the FlowSyn™ Auto LF, which is capable of executing multi-step, multi-reagent experiments completely automatically and unsupervised.

Now the Binary Pump Module (BPM) has been released – a stand-alone two-channel high-pressure reagent delivery system that can form the basis of a modular continuous flow system. Users can add reactor modules of their choice to create a modular system tailored to their specific application, with the BPM and its dedicated control software acting as the ‘hub’ for the system.

Capable of pumping up to 100 ml/min and operating at up to 200 bar, the BPM is available in a choice of three flow paths – PTFE, stainless steel and Hastelloy® – for optimum chemical compatibility.




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