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Mini diaphragm valve requires little maintenance

Micro-volume diaphragm valve, model DV22, is designed for trouble-free use in applications requiring minimal maintenance and maximum lifetime, making it suitable for automated lab analyzers, the process industry, and continuous-monitoring environmental analyses. Three configurations are available: a 4 port internal loop sample injector; a 6 port external loop sampling/switching valve. Manufacturer says it also includes the industry’s first 10 port multifunctional diaphragm valve.   


Lifetime for the valve can exceed 1,000,000 cycles at ambient temperature/300 psi or 500,000 cycles at 175°C/300 psi. The standard valve is for applications in which the sample is above ambient pressure, but it can also be used with sub-ambient pressures, such as when the sample is pulled through the valve by vacuum.


Valco Instruments



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