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Microbiology Pump Pumps-Up Microbial Analysis

The compact Sentino Microbiology Pump uses the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique for microbial analysis of aqueous samples like pharmaceutical, beverage, and environmental water quality monitoring applications. It uses a peristaltic-action pump to draw aqueous samples through a membrane filter. Fluid flows in one direction without the possibility of back-up, minimizing the potential for contamination of the sample. The disposable fluid path is easy to load and can be replaced before biofilm build-up becomes a contamination hazard and causes a false positive. The unit’s compact design allows it to be used in confined spaces and frees-up bench top space. A simple soft-touch keypad is easy to operate with preset parameters which meet the published requirements for MF Technique as described in US EPA, ISO, and ASTM methods.

Pall Corporation

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