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Mass flow controllers provide multi-range, multi-gas solution

Featuring full digital control architecture for fast response to setpoint over the operable device range the P-Series and G-Series multi-range, multi-gas Mass Flow Controller (MFC) families are enabled with gas parameters already stored in memory, providing tight and repeatable flow accuracy for the selected gas. The P-Series has a full scale ranges from 5 sccm to 250 slm (Nitrogen equivalent) and are designed for critical mass flow applications like those required in semiconductor and high end MOCVD applications. Its 1.125-inch width is designed for use in compact and modular gas panels. The G-Series is designed for a broad range of applications including solar, analytical, thin film, and vacuum processes where high performance over the 10 sccm to 50 slm full scale range is required.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

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