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Low volume cuvette enables accurate low volume spectroscopy

Microvolume cuvette provides a robust, accurate and affordable approach to low volume spectroscopy from 1 µl. Its simple design has the same dimensions as a conventional cuvette but is manufactured in two halves that are held together using magnets. The precision machining guarantees that the path length is accurate to within a few microns. A simple optical layout provides very high energy throughput which ensures that highly accurate measurements can be made over a wide dynamic range and only one path length is required for most experiments.


The cuvette is simple to use – lay it down flat, pull apart the two halves, pipette the sample onto the window and replace the top half. Then just load it into a conventional spectrophotometer and take the measurement. It can withstand the knocks and falls commonplace in the laboratory setting and its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, even with wet gloves.





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