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Low-cost data loggers offer real-time monitoring, alarms

Simple stand-alone data loggers, complete with alarm outputs, provide high-speed, high-resolution measurements. The precision Accsense VersaLog line of dataloggers are a powerful yet low-cost solution for real-time temperature monitoring and alarming needs. The recorders commonly feature 7-8 channels for accurate monitoring in laboratory conditions, medical refrigerators, incubators, and more. The cost-effective models are available to log temperature/humidity and current/voltage, along with a thermocouple and ambient temperature version. With easy-to-use operation and Windows analysis and plotting software, the dataloggers are suitable for unattended data recording and storage.

The data loggers can be set up and configured by the SiteView Windows software for data downloading, property configuration, and data analyzing and plotting.  The PC-based application combines an intuitive graphic interface to give access to functionalities that fit both novice and advanced users.

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