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Lab analysis instruments cut costs, boost efficiency

Almost everyone is looking for new tools that improve efficiency and keep costs down. Xylem has launched three new instrument lines for laboratory analysis under its YSI brand. The Multilab Ids 4010 series is a line of single and multi-parameter digital lab instruments available in one-, two- or three-channel versions along with smart digital sensors for optical-based BOD-5, pH, ORP and conductivity measurements. The new colorimetry line includes the rugged and waterproof Photoflex colorimeter, which is available in 35- and 100-parameter models. The new Model 900 single parameter colorimeter is for free and total chlorine, while the new Model 910 is for COD. They have a long battery life—enough for 5,000 tests—and can log up to 1,000 data sets. The economical YSI pH1200 instrument accurately measures pH. Its simple calibration routine with automatic buffer recognition plus a sensor efficiency check function ensures accurate data. Its easy-to-use keypad has a large backlit display. Xylem Inc.

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