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Kits for pesticide residue cleanup

For the cleanup of multiple pesticide residues in food prior to HPLC or GC analysis the roQ QuEChERS kits offer a number of usability features specifically designed to facilitate and improve the largely manual QuEChERS technique. QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) is a popular two-step sample preparation approach for the extraction and analysis of multiple residues, which are difficult to target with selective techniques such as SPE. The technique extracts a wide range of compounds of various chemical structures and removes unwanted interferences in the sample. Compatible with official methods from AOAC International and the Committee of European Normalization (CEN) they meet the growing need for fast, user-friendly QuEChERS sample preparation. A wide range of roQ QuEChERS extraction and dispersive SPE (dSPE) kits are available to meet the needs of different food matrices.


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