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Integrated sample storage solutions for biobanking

Integrated solutions are necessary when Biobanks and Biorepositories need to securely and traceably store up to tens of thousands of samples per month. Manufactured from medical grade polypropylene these sample storage tubes ensure they exhibit absolute product consistency, near zero contaminants and compliance with US and European Pharmacopoeia tests. The tubes resist many organic solvents (DMSO, methanol, dichloromethane), may be autoclaved clean and can be repeatedly freeze-thawed without loss of product performance. A unique 2D code on the bottom of each tube provides an easy and unambiguous means of storing and identifying samples. The shape of each Micronic sample storage tube ensures the lowest possible dead volume and maximum sample recovery. The CapCluster system can securely cap a single tube, a row of tubes or apply 96 caps in a single action. The Tracxer RS210 provides a complete tube code reading solution for your lab irrespective of the brand of coded tubes you use to store your samples and is fully compatible with all SBS standard storage racks, which enables the reading of 24-, 48-, 96- and even 384-well formats. The Track-IT information management system is compatible with most commercial barcode readers, scanners and Tubesorter systems. Micronic Europe BV

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