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High-performance GC-MS offers top data quality

Single quadrupole (SQ) and triple quadrupole (TQ) gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) detectors have a compact footprint while providing ultra-high sensitivity and outstanding data quality. The SQ instrument’s design allows an elliptical ion path that not only reduces the overall size of the system but also enhances performance and improves signal-to-noise. The footprint of the TQ is a compact 50-cm high and 71-cm deep; it is almost half the footprint of other systems and weighs in at only 40 kg. The TQ MS also incorporates a multi-axis neutral noise cancelling technology, which creates four zones of noise cancelling by incorporating a 180° collision cell, a 90° q0 ion optic and by placing the detector at a 90° angle off the Q3, delivering ultra-high signal to noise (S/N) performance due to its elliptical ion path.


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