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Heat shrink tubing protects irregular objects

Operating in high temperatures (up to 500°F (260°C)), the Parker TexLoc PTFE 4:1 heat shrink tubing is designed to protect instruments, cables, and other objects from heat, abrasion and chemical hazards in harsh environments. It has a large expansion ratio that enables it to protect objects that heat shrink with a smaller expansion ratio cannot. It’s able to slip over objects with protrusions or irregular shapes and still provide a snug fit. The thin wall promotes quick installations while keeping the tubing flexible. It may also be used to repair electrical wiring, fittings, cords and other objects. It is available in sizes ranging from .078”/2mm expanded up to 1-1/4”/31mm expanded. Custom sizes, long lengths, colors and samples are also available. This heat shrink meets specification AMS-DTL 23053/12, Class 2 and is supplied in four foot lengths.

Parker Texloc

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