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Hand-held pipetting system provides fast, precise transfer

Designed to enable labs to process samples simply and productively, the Viaflo 384 is a new hand-held 384-channel electronic pipette that enables fast, precise and easy transfer of 384 samples simultaneously. It is designed to combine the benefits of increased sample throughput as well as lower sample and reagent use without the expense of having to invest in a robotic liquid-handling system. It comes with a choice of two 384-channel pipetting heads, covering the volume ranges of 0.5 -12.5 µl and 5 – 125 µl. The new system is fully compatible with Viaflo 96-channel pipetting heads, enabling easy switching between 96-channel and 384-channel pipetting using the same unit. Designed to be used just like a standard handheld pipette, the pipette requires no special skills or training are required to operate it.


INTEGRA Biosciences



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