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Guide to gene silencing and delivery available

Drawing upon extensive experience of gene silencing techniques a new guide is aimed at assisting research scientists using or planning to use gene knockdown as a method of revealing the function of genes in biological processes. The new guide Top Ten Tips for Gene Silencing & Delivery is available from Amsbio.

This guide provides hints and tips on topics including: how to determine the RNAi tools best suited to your application; the importance of performing appropriate positive and negative controls; precautions to minimise exposure to RNases; the benefits of using transfection reagents optimised for siRNA delivery; how to obtain optimal transfection efficiency; saving time with validated siRNA sequences; the importance in confirming that your siRNA sequence is unique as well as how to determine the amount of siRNA required to effectively silence a given gene.

Gene silencing through the use of siRNA has become a primary tool for characterizing gene involvement in disease states and interactive pathways, there are several methods for preparing and delivering siRNA. AMSBIO can offer a variety of tools and services including products for generating siRNA, validated siRNA expression vectors and oligo sets sets, ready-to-use and custom Lentivirus particles and tailored siRNA specific transfection reagents. Amsbio For a copy of this new guide please visit

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