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Good weighing practice webinar for forensics labs

Featuring expert speakers from the fields of criminal law and metrology the Good Weighing Practice for forensic laboratories webinar from Mettler Toledo provides insight into the newly required calculation and documentation of measurement uncertainty. Since laboratory technicians can be challenged in court to provide documented proof of the validity of the weighing results, this webinar educates participants on how to provide documented proof of measuring results pertaining to testimonial evidence. It outlines the benefits of implementing risk management as part of the inventory of weighing equipment. Industry experts include Jack Wallace, Quality Assurance Supervisor at Ventura County Sherriff’s Department, Dr. Klaus Fritsch, Compliance Manager for Laboratory & Weighing Technologies at Mettler Toledo, and Stephen Wilent, Laboratory Solutions Consultant at Mettler Toledo. For details or to register for this on-demand webinar, go to

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