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GC-MS system has eco mode for energy savings

Advanced standard gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS) combines the benefits of economy, simple operation and enhanced performance. The instrument features stable mass spectra that achieve high sensitivity and stability. The ion optical system is optimized with a high-performance quadrupole mass filter and the manufacturer’s simulation program to provide high-quality mass spectra. Fully automated MS tuning allows users to optimize parameters easily and constantly to ensure stable mass spectra can always be obtained. Enhanced maximum column flow up to 4 mL/minute gives users the ability to select from a variety of columns so that productivity and sample throughput can be dramatically increased.

When set in ecology mode, the instrument automatically eliminates unnecessary power consumption by the GC, MS and PC, providing a lower cost of ownership and less environmental stress. Ecology mode can be entered automatically after continuous analysis, so power and carrier gas can be saved automatically after the completion of nighttime analysis.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


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