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Fume hood protects health and pocketbook

Providing the operator with a secure and reliable operating environment, the RFV2 (Reduced Face Velocity) fume hood design also provides considerable capital and operating cost savings. Suitable for use in either variable volume or constant volume applications its standard features include down flow rear baffle and performance sash handle that provides improved airflow, low profile flush airfoil with spill containment trough, full viewing sash for unobstructed view, self-lowering sash that enhances operator safety and energy savings, durable chain and sprocket sash system, UL 1805 Classified and meets ASHRAE 110-95 Standards. It offers proper containment performance and energy efficiency at lower face velocities than conventional fume hoods. This fume hood has been tested to both standard and modified ASHRAE procedures at face velocities as low as 50 fpm.

Mott Manufacturing

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