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Fume hood has scrubber for extra safety

Constructed of thermoplastics (primarily polypropylene) with all contact surfaces utilizing seamless, thermally-welded joints, the AirMax polypropylene total exhaust fume hood has a rolled-entry airfoil that prevents reverse flow and eddy currents. An extended rear baffle effectively removes any heavy gases or evaporation from a spill.

The fume hood has a wet fume scrubber system for protecting technicians from dangerous chemical exposure while also protecting ductwork and the environment by scrubbing acids and other water soluble gases from fume hood exhaust. Contamination of the ductwork between the fume hood and scrubber is eliminated because the scrubber is mounted directly to the fume hood exhaust.

Suitable applications are trace metal analysis, hot acid etching, acid digestions and other high-volume, high-acidity processes. The thermoplastic construction eliminates the potential for corrosion commonly associated with metal fume hoods while the dual-wall design provides room for mounting fixtures and services. An observation window is provided for media inspection, and the scrubber holding tank with recirculating pump is housed in the included base cabinet. They are available in 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” widths.

AirClean Systems 

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