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Free software transforms the way you see and draw molecules

Not only does it handle 2D and 3D structures, torchV10lite also shows you the molecular field patterns of your molecules, giving a powerful visual representation of their physicochemical properties. This free 3D molecular viewer, sketcher and editor enables you to compare the Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) of up to 10,000 molecules, giving you a rich, informative view of how your compounds behave in biological systems. It is the update to Cresset’s popular FieldView application. It supports the next-generation XED3 force field for more accurate electrostatics, as well as a host of new features. Support for downloading and viewing PDB files, viewing protein-ligand interactions and simple cheminformatics tools,including 2D Tanimoto similarity, have all been added while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use that Cresset’s users expect. With torchV10lite you can load up to 10,000 molecules and convert them into 3D; view 2D and 3D structures side by side; load protein-ligand crystal structures to visualize favorable interactions; load results of a ligand or protein based virtual screening experiment; study SAR of congeneric or diverse series by visualizing the changes in electrostatic and shape characteristics of the molecules.

It works on Windows, Linux, Mac and KNIME. Download here.

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