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Flow reactor system can handle harsh chemicals

Designed to handle everything from homogeneous single reactions to complex, multi-reagent reactions, the FlowSyn range of integrated, flow reactor systems has a range of optional gas addition, microwave, low temperature and binary pump (4-channel) modules to further enhance its operational versatility. Available with a range of reactors (2 – 60ml) in a choice of inert materials including stainless steel, Hastelloy, PFA, PTFE or even copper, this system is able to perform on a wide range of chemistries such as nitric acid (nitrations) and powerful organometallic bases such as butyl lithium (metallations). A 2- or 3-channel borosilicate glass mixer chip reactor enables it to undertake high throughput applications, fast mixing dependent reactions and even highly exothermic reactions requiring temperature control.

Uniqsis Ltd

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