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Flexible and intuitive bioreactor

Designed to cover the wide variety of requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research and development the Biostat B can be supplied as a flexible basic unit for preclinical research on up to a ready-configured, fully qualified bioreactor system that meets the requirements of a validated GMP environment. This autoclavable fermentor/bioreactor is suitable for cell cultivation and microbial fermentation. Its control unit is available as a single or twin version and can control up to two culture vessels simultaneously and independently. Users can opt for two-liter, single-use polycarbonate bioreactors or reusable stirred glass bioreactors with volumes of one, two, five or ten liters. A colour 12-inch touch-screen display guides users through the menu. Functions include a gravimetric controller that uses a high-capacity balance as well as an rpm-controlled pump that ensures that substrates are accurately dispensed. Feed rate can be adjusted directly on the control unit display, eliminating the need for external software.

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Biostat B

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