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Fast sample cleanup

Providing a faster, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high throughput sample clean-up, the MicroluteSPE sample preparation system handles samples as small as 150ul. Including a filter plate, collection plate, waste tray and manifold, this sample preparation system helps the lab increase its assay sensitivity by providing reliable pre-injection clean-up and concentration. It offers all the advantages of automated and high throughput SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format capable of rapidly processing 96 samples in one go repeatedly and precisely. Each well plate has an individual drain spout ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination. Microlute plates are available with a choice of sorbent and filter, and sample collection plates in a selection of well volumes (350 ul, 1ml or 2ml), to optimally match your sample clean-up requirements. Porvair Sciences 

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