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Evidence-based 3D cell culture web portal

A new 3D cell culture portal for scientists in the life science sector brings together a wide variety of information, protocols, peer-reviewed papers and videos to help not only those who are considering the adoption of 3D cell culture but also those already using this approach to growing cells in vitro. Reinnervate Ltd., the developers of Alvetex Scaffold for 3D cell culture, has created a central resource that will help scientist to learn why 3D cell culture may be beneficial, how they can evaluate 3D cell culture and how to pick the right type of Alvetex Scaffold format for their experiments.

A series of webinars describing detailed scientific data comparing 3D and 2D cell culture experiments will be run.

– Assessment of Cancer cell cytotoxicity in a novel 3D culture assay (9th Oct 2012)

– Formation of Mesenchymal tissues in Alvetex®Scaffold derived from stem cells and other established cell lines (7th Nov 2012)

– Modelling cancer cell invasion using novel technology for 3D cell culture (5th Dec  2012)

Reinnervate Ltd.

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