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Enclosures for an ultra-clean, dust free environment

Suited for laboratories specializing in biology, botany, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, the Captair Flow line of fume hoods are designed to protect samples handled in the enclosure using very low energy consumption. Air entering the enclosure is free of any external contamination quality ISO 5 (EN ISO 14644) which corresponds toU.S. class 100 (less than 100 particles per ft3> 0.5 microns) and class A and B of the GMP guide published by the European pharmaceutical industry. This provides a clean work atmosphere. By adding a carbon filter upstream, the fan module protects the enclosure volume of gaseous pollutants present in ambient air. The fan draws air from the laboratory and it passes throughout the H14 HEPA filter which retains particles larger than 0.1 microns with 99.995% filtration efficiency


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