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Dry scientific vacuum pumps are reliable, low maintenance

New range of dry scroll vacuum pumps is designed to provide very high performance in scientific, laboratory, research and development applications. Manufacturer says the pump is more reliable and requires less maintenance than alternative pumps, which results in less downtime and a low cost of ownership. It also has a lower environmental impact, enabling users to reduce their carbon footprint.

The environmentally friendly, oil-free vacuum pump has no lubricants in the vacuum. This means there is no need for regular oil changes and users can benefit from low maintenance. Advanced scroll design and tip-seal technology mean the pumps have a long lifetime. The tip seals may last up to five years, which significantly increases time in service and lowers cost of ownership. The pumps are also easy to service, which results in minimal downtime and makes them economical to run. Tip seals can be replaced in less than 10 minutes in the field using basic workshop tools.



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