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Disposable syringe filters are fast and efficient

New range of disposable syringe filters provides fast and efficient filtration of cell-culture media. Manufactured in a Class 100000 / ISO Class V clean room to ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003, the syringe filters are free from DNA/RNA, DNAse/RNAse and Pyrogen contamination. Stringent quality testing means each syringe filter performs reliably to specification. Three membranes are available to choose from. Polyethersulfone membrane syringe filters exhibit a low affinity for proteins and extractables, making them suitable for pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media. A mixed cellulose ester membrane efficiently binds trace proteins, suitable for filtration of aqueous solutions. A hydrophobic nylon membrane offers chemical compatibility across a wide pH range, enabling it to be used for the filtration of either aqueous or organic solvents.

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