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Dispensers reach nanolitre levels

In response to increased assay miniaturization and low-volume dispensing applications, BioTek says it has lowered limits for its microplate-based instruments with installed peristaltic pumps. The EL406™ Microplate Washer Dispensers and MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispensers are capable of dispensing down to 500 nL via their respective peri-pump dispensing modes.


The EL406 combines fast, efficient microplate washing with peristaltic and syringe pump dispensing for 96- to 1536-well microplates, and also automates magnetic bead-based sample processing.


The MultiFlo dispenses up to four reagents in one compact unit for increased lab efficiency and reduced overall instrument costs. The modular system can include peristaltic pump dispensing for low prime volumes and backflush features, and microprocessor-controlled syringe dispensing for fast and precise dispensing protocols.



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