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Determining the energy value of trash

The volume of waste materials generated by all nations grows exponentially, one solution is using the organic matter in waste as a fuel for energy plants. Exeter Analytical, in conjunction with a number of leading waste reclamation organizations, has developed a methodology for their Model 440 CHN Elemental Analyzer enabling determination of the suitability of a waste material for use as a fuel in waste to energy plants. The percentage Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in a waste sample, which relates directly to its energy content, can be accurately determined in as little as 6 minutes. It is a static combustion CHN Elemental Analyzer, with a unique horizontal furnace design, which enables easy removal of sample residue between each waste material analysis. This is particularly important with waste materials that typically produce a considerable amount of uncombusted residue (metals, inorganic fillers etc) after each analysis. One combustion tube will analyze in excess of 1000 waste samples without the need for removal and cleaning.

Exeter Analytical Inc.

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