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Determining sanitary conditions

Often, upon sanitizing a surface, it is assumed that when a sanitizing agent is present at the appropriate level, then microbicidal activity has rendered the surface safe and free of microbial contaminants. However, many microbes can resist microbicidal agents depending upon which Microbe is present, which Sanitizing Agent is used, and environmental conditions. With Precision Microslide, a definitive test for sanitary conditions can be performed. Upon its use, if a microbe is found to be present, then further identification of the organism will allow for a determination of its source, and allow for the future exclusion of the contaminant. The Precision Microslide can be produced with specific Selective and Differential Media to allow for the examination of Air, Surfaces and Solutions with a particular. It also has a free Ipad app which may be used as a “Comparator” to allow for enumeration and presumptive identification of the contaminant.

Precision Microslide

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