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Customized pharmacokinetics studies with knockout rat models

As a service to drug discovery researchers NoAb BioDiscoveries, in collaboration with SAGE (Sigma Advanced Genetic Engineering) Labs have introduced the use of Sage knockout rats with its tools to investigate the Blood Brain Barrier including microdialysis and serial CSF collection. Rats provided by SAGE are available with knockouts of the specific drug transporter genes Mdr1a, Mrp1, Mrp2, Bcrp, or Oct1. These advanced animal models are designed to study and characterize the drug-like properties of compounds in vivo. NoAb BioDiscoveries is a preclinical contract research organization that offers a wide range ADME-PK Discovery services, in vivo models, in vitro assays and bioanalytical support. In addition to standard drug disposition studies, specific surgical catheterization points available include: jugular vein, carotid artery, hepatoportal vein, bile duct, and intestinal subsections. Such customized models form an important component of the tools that an investigator can use to address unique and specific questions about their compounds.

NoAb BioDiscoveries

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