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Culture vessels have cell-repellent surface

New Cellstar cell culture vessels with a cell-repellent surface were specifically developed to prevent the attachment of semi-adherent and adherent cell lines. The cell-repellent surface is particularly suitable for cultivating spheroids and embryoid bodies. The cell-repellent effect of the new surface is achieved through a stable chemical modification of the plastic. Unlike the conventional Cellstar suspension surface, the surface modification prevents attachment of even semi-adherent and adherent cell lines such as macrophages.


The cell-repellent surface inhibits interaction between the cell culture vessel and cells. As a result, it supports the formation of spheroids, which are playing an increasingly important role as 3D models in pharmaceutical research. The cell culture vessels are free of detectable DNases, RNases and human DNA. They contain no detectable endotoxins or cytotoxic substances, are sterile and have a shelf life of two years.


Greiner Bio-One



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