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Controller for Hypoxia and Hyperoxia live-cell imaging experiments

Digitally controlling O2 and CO2 concentration, the Bold Line CO2 – O2 Gas Controllers are suitable for hypoxia and hyperoxia experiments. Two versions are available, CO2; 0-10% and O2; 1-18%, and CO2; 0-20% and O2; 1-95%. Gas flow rates are digitally controlled. A long life zirconium oxide sensor precisely measures the O2 concentration, and a non dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) dual wave length detector sets the CO2 concentration. Operation is via an easy to use touch screen interface, OKO-Touch. An optional Smart Box data logger and web server allows operation via any web-enabled device. The system may also be operated via a PC using OKO-Control 2.0 software or Nis Elements software.

Warner Instruments 

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