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Contactless IR thermometers in smartphones

Working with a smart phone’s digital camera, an infrared module, the Infrared Thermometer Technology, can take body temperature without any contact in less than one second.

The system employs a non-contact infrared sensor built into a smartphone or tablet to instantly and accurately measure patient temperature in less than one second with absolutely no contact with the human body. The sensor accurately detects infrared signals that naturally emanate from any surface. A small infrared lens is positioned near the camera lens, with no protruding parts, making the device appear identical to existing smartphones. The sensor’s wide range, from -22 ºF to +400ºF, offers broad applications in taking temperatures of not only humans, but also of any object.

The U.S. patent for “Wireless Communication Device with Integrated Electromagnetic Radiation Sensors” has been granted and the technology is now available for licensing.

Fraden Corporation

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